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++CP; selecionado para o SoundLAB7

9. fevereiro. 2010

Dear Soundartist,

Thanks a lot for your submission to SoundLAB VII. At the same time, I am happy to inform you, that your submssion was selected and SoundLAB VII will be able to celebrate soundart through soundCELEBRATIONS.

It will now take some time to create SoundLAB VII for the online launch, but you will be kept informed.

Thanks again and all best for today,

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

10 Years [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:|<cologne
global heritage of digital culture

Enquanto o SoundLAB7 não está no ar, confira a sexta edição do evento.

Ouça A Night in São Paulo, trabalho do ++CP; selecionado para o SoundLAB7.

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